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Welcome To Your Mind.

ItzurMind is self-explanatory. In my view, you are the master of your own mind and of yourself. Challenges inevitably appear at stages in our lives and these challenges may seem insurmountable. Many people will ignore or dismiss these challenges as "just life", while others may seek professional help. The action of seeking help is to be applauded, as far too many in our modern society simply suffer in silence, with the resulting dissatisfaction with life. It takes courage and strength to choose to seek help, as doing so is often seen as a sign of weakness, or shrouded in stigma. Additionally many fear the cost of this endeavour. Health care insurance companies, and often government health care have little interest in supporting those needing this kind of help. A little research will reveal the scale of social isolation, depression, chronic anxiety and other mental health issues, which are at epidemic proportions. Even so, mental health is not seen in the same light as physical health. It is still kept a secret, ignored or simply dismissed as "just part of life". (More about this in the Blog pages).

 In any case, if and when we decide to seek help, the aim of any counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist is never to fix someone. Fixing someone may seem like what we do, however, if we "fix" a person, then that person may become dependent on others to solve their challenges for them. I consider "Fixing" someone in this way is a disservice, as it could be interpreted as taking away someone's power or ability to deal with their own challenges. After all, who do think knows you better than yourself?

The aim has always been to assist or guide you on a path to being the master of your own mind. To serve as a guide, assisting you to the root of any issue and compile strategies to deal with those issues. It's your mind and you control it.

Finally, there are conditions that are the result of biological issues. In these cases, medical intervention is often required. If this is the case, my responsibility is to provide you with the most responsible options available, to help serve and protect you better.



I dislike the term, "Social Distancing". Social distancing is the last thing we should be doing in these challenging times. Physical Distancing on the other hand is a sensible and responsible precaution, we should all be taking and taking seriously. We need more social connection these days, even before the pandemic. Well now we have the opportunity to connect with more people electronically for ow and hopefully when we arrive at the other side of this worldwide crisis, hopefully we don't go back to "normal". The "normal" was never that great anyway, but hopefully we can do better and hopefully we have all learned the importance of social interaction, caring about others and staying connected to each other? Hopefully we didn't go through this without learning a lesson about humanity, community and what we have been doing to our planet. While we have put our activities on pause, the planet is rapidly healing. Please be safe, please be kind and please connect.                                                    Below: Physical Isolation Extreme.